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Our Platinum package is a full-service SEO program of tactical optimizations, created for small, but savvy business owners who recognize the benefit in using SEO to improve business opportunities. We understand the importance of your time in the process, so we identify and make changes to improve your website - this frees you up to do other things. Instead of crafting strategies and making changes on your own, we do it for you.

Every month you will receive a detailed report from us on how your site is performing in search, how that traffic is converting, along with clear explanations of the work we did on your behalf.

Included in Platinum

Keyword Reporting

Keyword Reporting

Every month we will run, and deliver to you, a visibility report: capturing your rankings in Google, Google mobile, and local. Keyword ranking data helps inform our decisions on where to place our effort.
Site Analytics


Capturing traffic isn't enough, you need to convert it. We'll make adjustments to your site to ensure the conversion path is clear and easy for your customers.
Content & Metadata Optimization

Content & Metadata

Content is still king, and metadata important for rankings and click-throughs from the SERPs. We make the necessary adjustments to each to increase visibility. We'll also identify content opportunities to make your site a resource for your market.
Google Search Console

Search Console

We verify your site in Google Search Console, and through the analysis of reports like the Crawl Errors, HTML Improvements, and Search Queries, can improve visibility, user experience, and find new opportunities.
Backlink Analysis

Link Analysis

Your link profile can make, or break, your visibility. We examine referring domains, anchor text, and pages to maximize your site's authority and reduce any potential for filtration or penalty by Google.
Site Architecture Optimization

Site Architecture

Providing a clear path for bots and users through an optimized hierarchy helps drive authority to the right pages -- getting them to appear for appropriate searches.
Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

It's not just about your online presence, but also learning from your competition to take advantage of every opportunity. We'll report to you on their rankings, and create a strategy to overtake them.


Consistency of citations and business mentions (name, address, and phone number alignment) is important to local rankings. With Platinum we'll catalog your citations and work to improve this consistency for top performance.


Have a question? Concern? Wondering about the impact of Google's latest algorithm update or release? Just send us an email and we'll answer you quickly.

More on Platinum SEO

The Platinum package takes our consultation and recommendations to the next level. We actually construct your website and build out any necessary changes based on our analysis of priority items for you. Through reporting review and tactical optimization, we help to take your site to the next level with an analysis of crawl errors, HTML improvements, and search engine queries.

Our traffic trends reporting will help you make decisions by taking out the guess work, which saves you time while maximizing your resources. Our link analysis feature provides a profile review, features white-hat link building, and disavowment of problem sites as needed.

We also take care of citations which improves local search results, helps you reach more local customers, and brings results even closer to home by making connections between your company and the web users that matter most.

Through optimization and crafting of your content and metadata, including reporting and research, we help you tackle organic search marketing. We analyze your traffic and visibility, while focusing on the items that will make the biggest impact first.

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